Jurors Acting Up In Young Thug Rico Trial

Fulton County judge, Ural Glanville advised jurors the Young Thug RICO trial could last six to eight months. Glanville had to pass out early punishments starting with Juror no. 64 earlier this week.

The female juror did not return for jury duty because she was on a trip to the Dominican Republic. Deputies reported to Judge Glanville that the juror did not report to court as instructed. They were directed to hold her in custody once she returned to court by Glanville. Juror no.64 explained to the judge alongside her lawyer that she contacted the court about her trip she even sent her itinerary.

Glanville was not hearing it; he ordered the juror to write a 30-page essay with at least 20 sources on the importance of serving on a jury. He gave her three weeks to complete the assignment and present it on Feb. 13. He also told Juror no.64 that he would check for any signs of plagiarism.

Jeffery Williams, Young Thug is due to face 12 jurors of his peers very soon in a trial that may last most of 2023. The YSL Rico Case originally started with 28 arrest. Now 14 out of the 28 people are heading to trial facing a slew of RICO charges. The charges are down to 8 from the original 56-count indictment. The 88 page indictment list over 180 instances of collective criminal behavior by the Young Stoner Life members.

Judge Ural Glanville is not playing games in this high-profile case with jurors, lawyers, and defendants.

Glanville announced in court that, "Juror No. 1 is going to have to come back and a be further examined. He then moved on to juror no. 2 and so on with potential jurors in the Rico trial explain their reasons for wanting to be dismissed from the jury.

Another juror was heard to have tried to contact Young Thugs lawyers. Attorney Brian Steel notified the court about a potential juror trying to communicate with him. Steel did not respond to the juror.

The jury selection process on this case is calling for 600 potential jurors. With situations like the ones mentioned above with jurors could be reasons why the need for the number of jurors is higher than usual.

Details will continued to be dropped here as I keep up with the YSL Young Thug Rico trial.

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