DaBaby Claims He Had To Say No...

DaBaby, during a conversation with Shaq and Adam Lefkoe on 'The Big Pod,' alleged that a respected lyricist approached him, possibly to create controversy for media attention. This claim came shortly after J. Cole apologized to Kendrick Lamar, suggesting that their previous feud might have been manufactured for publicity.

DaBaby claims that the unnamed rapper was motivated by the attention Drake and Kendrick Lamar were receiving and wanted to generate buzz by initiating a fake feud in public, all while maintaining a cool relationship behind the scenes.

DaBaby stated that he respectfully declined the rapper's proposal, emphasizing that rap beef is akin to war in his perspective. He expressed concern that he couldn't guarantee he wouldn't unleash a lyrical attack that could damage their friendship.

Check out DaBaby below explaining why fake rap beefs get messy real quick with him.

The current rap beef between Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and now Rick Ross has added himself has the culture in a choke hold right now. Drake has hit back repeatedly with lyrical knockouts. He recently was asked to take down his AI Tupac, Snoop diss track. J.Cole on the other hand released his response with "7 minute Drill" . J. Cole says it's the lamest thing he's ever did.

Keeping you updated on the current beef situation you can keep up with the details here as I have been breaking it down reviewing all involved going in on each other in the name of rap being a sport, "battling".

Do you think DaBay should have accepted the fake rap beef "challenge"? Drop your comments below.

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