Drake Gets Uma Thurman “Kill Bill” Type Advice…

After Drake compared his various rap rivalries to a memorable scene from Kill Bill, Uma Thurman joined the hottest conversation in Hip-Hop culture right now between In response to Drake's track "Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)," where he rapped about facing off against multiple foes, Thurman posted a snapshot on her Instagram Stories. The image depicted her character from Kill Bill engaging in a fierce sword battle, accompanied by the caption: "Need this? @champagnepapi."

Drake didn't miss a beat, replying with enthusiasm: "Yes pls. The pen is the Hattori Hanzo," drawing a parallel to the renowned swords work displayed in the film known for exceptional work Uma performed with the crafted blades.

In true Hip-Hop fashion it did not take long for Rick Ross to jump online and respond the the post with the classic picture of Uma surrounded by her enemies.

Uma Therman: "Need this? @champagnepapi, she wrote.

Drake commented, "Yes pls."

Rick Ross commented, " Do you think it can fir me?"

Ross has continued to troll Drake since Drake released his diss track "Push Ups". Ross dropped a diss track responding to Drake immediately afterwards called Champagne Moments.

What are you views on the current rap beef? Are you picking a side or are you her for only for the competitive sport of Hip-Hop rap battles?

Video: Rick Ross YouTube

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