Update: Kodak Black Remains Behind Bars

Kodak Black has been in police custody since December after being found allegedly behind the wheel of his SUV sleep. The officers that pulled up on Kodak reported observing a white substance on Kodak's face and that he was attempting to hide the white powder from them.

The officers next steps were to test the powder on the spot and alleged that it came back positive for cocaine. He was booked for possession, evidence tampering, and a traffic violation. They ended up charging him with oxycodone possession and violating his probation.

In January 2021, then-President Donald Trump commuted his three year federal prison sentence the rapper had for falsifying documents used to buy weapons.

Attorney, Bradford Cohen appeared in court alongside Bill K. Kapri a.k.a Kodak Black on Monday (Jan 23.) According to AllHipHop court documents cite that a final hearing to address the revocation of Kodak Black’s supervised release was held in court on Monday. Judge Jose E. Martinez decided more time was needed. Kodak's next court date is scheduled for February 21.

Cohen says the lab tests show Kodak wasn't lying when he told the police officers that night it was just Percocet. Cohen argues Kodak has a valid prescription for Oxycodone so prosecutors have no grounds to charge him with drug possession.

Kodak and his legal team is asking the judge to toss out the case. What are your thoughts?

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