Kodak Black Arrested On Multiple Charges In Plantation FL

News hit fast of rapper Kodak Black, also known as Bill Kapri, recent arrest in Plantation Fl yesterday (Wed. Dec. 6). Yak finds himself behind bars once again on charges of possession of cocaine, tampering with physical evidence and improperly stopping or parking his vehicle.

The "Super Gremlin" was found sleep behind the wheel of his SUV. According to a police report, Plantation Police officers spotted a black Bentley SUV holding up traffic around 2:07 a.m. in the 600 block of NW 47th Terrace.

Officers, upon approaching the vehicle, found Kodak asleep at the wheel and the driver-side window partially down. A strong odor of burnt cannabis came from the vehicle, and cannabis wrapping paper and residue were found throughout the exposed center console, the report states. The office then turned the vehicle off and asked Kodak to exit the truck.

The officer asked Kodak if there were any drugs or weapons in the SUV. Kodak told the officer there was only "weed" in the vehicle.

As officers reviewed license and vehicle information, they noticed white powder falling from Black in an attempt to throw away illegal narcotics, police said. A search also revealed a clear plastic baggie with a white chunky substance in Black’s pocket. Field tests confirmed the substance as cocaine.

Police said Black’s vehicle also showed signs of recent damage, indicating it was previously involved in a crash. The SUV was noted to have bumper and side door. His Bentley SUV was towed.

According to the report, the officer then noticed Kodak's mouth full of white powder, along with the white rock-like objects on the ground next to him. Kodak allegedly said it was Percocet, but when the officer tested the powder on the scene and says it came back positive for cocaine.

Since Kodak Black's detainment in Broward County jail the state enter a motion to revoke Kodak's bond. Yak is on bond from his last run in with the law where the 26-year old was charged with drug trafficking. Last July authorities found 31 pills alleged to be oxycodone in his possession plus more than $60,000 in cash. Kodak and his lawyer has recently claimed that he is the victim of a police cover-up. In a motion to dismiss the case, the rapper claims that the oxycodone he was accused of possessing and trafficking was just Tylenol. Bradford Cohen, Kodak's lawyer has been riding out with throughout his legal battles keeping Kodak a free man thus far.

Do you think the state's motion to revoke Kodak's bond will be granted or dismissed?

Photo:Getty Imaged

Video: WPLG Local 10 YouTube

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