Update Young Thug:Judge Selected Jury Today

Late today around 5:30pm (Nov. 1,2023) a jury was seated for the upcoming trial for Atlanta rapper Young Thug and co defendants "Young Slime Life" under RICO chargers. It's been about 10 months since jury selection began. Judge Ural Glanville said in court today he is ready to get this trial "underway"

Initially a hearing was set for today to discuss what extent rap lyrics could be used in trial proceedings. Judge Glanville in a more proactive spirit instead began the process of actually seating a jury. The trial is expected to last most of the rest of this year with 2024 right around the corner. The jury breakdown consist of seven black women, two white women, two black men, and one white man. After being selected Fulton County Chief Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville swore them in.

A court spokesperson said a number of pre-trial motions are still waiting to be heard, and the court is looking to begin opening statements on Nov. 27.

Young Thug meanwhile has remained in jail since his in arrest last May 2022. It's been a year-and-a-half of pretrial detention. Thug's attorneys have lobbied for and been denied bond on several occasions. The latest denial being this past June.

Thug's health conditions have been argued in court by his legal team. Stating the decline of health while incarcerated and that he has "languished" in the Cobb County Jail, sleep deprived due to court appearances and eating many foods lacking in nutrition.

At the June hearing Thug's attorney explained "This lifestyle has caused physically harm to Mr. Williams,"....adding that issues with his kidneys coupled with the environment in the jail have caused him to gain weight.

Glanville as decided Young Thug will remain in jail through trial. 

Prosecutors have built their case around the narrative that Young Thug is the head figure of the alleged gang; calling him "King Slime" in one of the early hearings. They've argued they have evidence showing he would intimidate witnesses. 

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There are seven defendants set to go to trial together remaining from the original indictment that included 28 people. Gunna fellow Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, said in a statement he had "chosen to end his own RICO case with an Alford plea along with..... "publicly acknowledging my association with YSL."

Charges were dropped against YSL Polo whose real name is Cordarius Dorsey. In a separate case he is serving a life sentence.

There has been a hearing scheduled for Nov. 8 to take a look at the rapper's lyrics to determine whether they can be used as evidence in the case.

Young Thug is accused of racketeering conspiracy and participation in criminal street gang activity, as well as drug and gun charges.

The trial is expected to begin Nov. 27.

Check out court proceedings below.

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