Yung Bleu Publicly Apologizes To His Wife

Yung Bleu has been trending lately for more than just his music. He got outed by a side chick situation last week and the back and forth on social media reached his wife's ears of him supposedly flying a female "out". The two did not interact much, causing the female to put Yung Bleu on blast.

The cheating allegations went viral because of the woman, who goes by the username Tenom, claimed that a "C-List" rapper slid in her DM after seeing a viral video of her showing off her extra long tongue. Once she responded she claims they planned to link up with him flying her out to NYC. She made sure to mention in the video that Bleu requested her to dressed like a "tomboy" and he was particular about how she wore her hair.

Bleu's wife followed the online drama between her husband and another female with instagram post of her claiming to have kicked him out. She also posted that she believed the female, agreeing with her description of Bleu's weirdo behavior. In the series of post Tiemarie included that she was looking for the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.

Since the world has learned about Yung Bleu's and his wife Tiemarie marital wows, Bleu has issued an official apology publicly admitting to his wrong doings. The couple have three young children together.

In a statement captured by blog OnSite,rapper Yung Bleu wrote, "I would like to apologize to my wife. I will never get on the internet and bash you no matter what you say out of hurt. You're such a good woman. Solid."

We are rooting for you Bleu to win your wife back. Unity in marriage and family is the most important thing in the world.

Photo: Getty Images

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