Yung Bleu's Side Chick Puts Him On Blast

Rapper Jeremy Biddle, known professionally as Yung Bleu or BLEU, is getting exposed by an alleged side chick out of Philly. The young lady took to her instagram stories venting about her experience wit Yung Bleu.

The side piece explained how the married Mobile ,AL rapper flew her out, and paid for her hair, told her what to wear, geeking the female up for a day hanging with a celebrity. Only to change his mind on dealing with her once she arrived. Absolutely no smashing went down for the two have been slinging words back and forth over the situation. As if a married man should be entertaining his side chick on a public platform.

The woman was so upset about how she was treated, that she went on Live, and exposed Yung Bleu to the world. She even questioned his sexuality calling him a "weirdo" several times in the live. It's all pretty embarrassing for the young married couple.

Tiemeria caught wind of the TikTok video where the girl detailed her experience, she took to her Instagram stories and dragged Yung Bleu claiming that the girl was not lying. She also declared to embarrass him as he has embarrassed her.

On a black background, she wrote:

"N**** stay tryna fly b***hes out don't nobody wanna lick on that short a** d**k y'all can have his desperate b***h a** big teeth a** b***h that hoe not lying on yo dirty a** b***h."

Tiemeria said she confronted her husband, who got out of bed and ran to the guest house.

Yung Bleu and Tiemeria are parents to three kids. Their oldest boy, Yung Jace, was born October 2020. There is not much information released on their young family. Tiemeria is the owner of Dark Moon Cosmetics. The talented businesswomen made one last post on the black background writing she is looking for the best lawyer in Georgia.

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