42 Dugg Updates Fans On Jail Conditions

42 Dugg is incarcerated in Atlanta,Georgia. He recently plead guilty to failure to surrender in February. At the time prosecutors agreed to recommend the same six-month sentence, if he is accused of prison invasion. The judge slammed 42 Dugg with more time than expected handing down a one year sentence.

He shared details about his ongoing legal issues, and expressed his frustration with the US Marshals on how they are handling his case. The Detroit rapper whose real name is Dion Hays says he's being held in prison "without reasoning" and is forced to live in horrific conditions as his fate dangles in anticipation.

Dugg said, he has to use "nasty a## shower water to heat up his food in jail". He mentioned the showers barley work with hot water. He also posted that the US Marshalls are trying to "ruin" his life; which has now been deleted.

42 Dugg was originally arrested and ultimately convicted in 2020 of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to six months but never turned himself in.

Photo: Getty Images

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