42 Dugg Sentenced To One Year In Jail

42 Dugg pleaded guilty to failure to surrender in February. Prosecutors agreed to recommend the same six-month sentence he is accused of prison invasion. Judge Williams Ray II was not in agreeance and quickly vetoed six-months sentencing. The overrule grans the possibility of Dugg receiving up to five years behind bars.

The Detroit rapper birth name, Dion Hayes is known for his collaboration with Lil Baby and dropping tracks like, "We Paid" and "Grace". Dugg is signed to both Lil Baby and Yo Gotti's record labels; Four Pockets Fill and Collective Music Group.

Back in 2019 ATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives received a tip that Dugg was in Atlanta at a gun range. Being Dugg has a felony conviction on record he is not allowed to be in possession of nor fire a gun. The tip to the ATF landed basically landed 42 Dugg in police custody charged with felony firearms.

On Wednesday (April 26) Dugg was sentenced to one year in jail. He also have to serve three years of supervised release once he jump from bid. Dugg also will have to pay $20,000 fine and stay drug free.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:Lil BabyVEVO YouTube

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