Charleston White Trolls T.I. "Paperwork Party"

Over the weekend in Atlanta, Ga T.I. hosted his "Paperwork Party" (Sunday February 26). There has been traction on the internet about T.I's latest comments in an interview of him explaining he got out of jail by blaming the situation on his dead cousin.

Louisiana rapper, Boosie Badazz was on the invite list but was a no show. Charleston White didn't waist his invite for an opportunity to pull up on T.I. outside of Trap City Cafe in Atlanta. T.I. organized the event to provide proof that he did not "snitch" on his cousin. Boosie on VladTV publicly criticized T.I and called T.I's actions as "snitching". . A few other rappers have chimed in on Boosie calling T.I. out as I have reported.

Charleston White couldn't resist driving pass the "Paperwork Party" as he was supposedly on his way to an event of his own. In the short video clip Charleston and a few others in the vehicle with him discuss their observations on the drive. In the video a female voice ask Charleston, if he wants to roll the window down to get T.I's attention. White responds, "Yeah if you want to?" "You ready to fight?" The female replies, " I got my mace."

Boosie stands on " you a f--king rat too...I don't spare no muthf---in body as he told VladTv. Though Boosie may not have been in attendance he still felt the need to post his thoughts on the internet. You can check it out Boosie response video below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Forgotten kingzTV YouTube/ Hoodzone Productions YouTube

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