Mysonne Defends T.I "Snitching" Debate

T.I. has been catching a little smoke for an interview he did explaining a legal situation he was in. In a resurfaced video of the August 2020 episode of his expediTIously podcast is casing Boosie to call out the Atlanta rapper for "Snitching".

T.I. shared a moment when he caught a gun charge and pinned the situation on his dead cousin,Toot. T.I and Toot were close relatives hustling together as T.I. was working on getting his foot in the door on the music scene.

T.I. was pulled over by law enforcement. The police officers discovered a loaded pistol in the vehicle. Before the case reached trial, Toot passed away. T.I. claims that he had a conversation with his dead cousin and his cousin told him it was "ok" to pin the crime on him, if it helps him stay free to advance in his music career. T.I. simple obliged his cousin's wishes under the advisement of his lawyer.

T.I.'s comments doesn't sit well with Boosie. Boosie visited VladTv calling T.I. out.

Boosie expressed that he couldn't work with the Trap music rapper after learning the information T.I. revealed. Boosie scraped the joint project that he was supposed to work on with T.I.

"T.I. situation, if he did a f__king rat. ...I don't spare no muthaf__kin body. Because if you doing anything wrong, you doing anything criminal and you cooperate with law enforcement ro get you out of trouble; that means you're cooperating. That means you're a rat."

Mysonne stepped in the so-called "snitching" debate and defends T.I. Mysonne says, T.I. wasn't wrong, regardless of street rules. He also said that he was to ever pass away before his time, family members,friends, anybody he mess with can pin whatever on him if they need to. He continued by explaining he lives and abides by the codes of "manhood and integrity.

Mysonne also explains that he doesn't deal with "street code". There is "ignorant street sh$t" and on that note that's when doing street sh#t don't make sense.

Young Jock weighed in and claims T.I. simply did problem solving. What are your thoughts on the matter? Was T.I. wrong for pointing the finger at his dead cousin to snatch up his get out of jail free card?

Check out Boosie explaining to VladTv below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: VladTv YouTube and Beenrich Tv on YouTube

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