Glorilla Throws Wig In Crowd After It Was Snactched

During a recent performance in Philadelphia the crowd got a little wild with Glorilla. Big Glo was on her last leg of her Anyways, Life's Great Tour that began in January. The energy was flowing in the audience as Glorilla was crowd surfing. Somewhere in the mix things got a little wild.

Glorilla took to her Twitter account to write about the show afterwards; " Dey tried to take my wig while I was crowd surfing so I snatched it off & threw it in da crowd." Her fans were loving every moment of the show and also expressed the love back for Glorilla throwing her wig in the audience.

GloRilla's tour has been full of action from guest appearances and objects being thrown. At her New York show GloRilla teamed up with Cardi B. to perform her smash hit Tomorrow 2. GloRilla also bought out Lola Brooks to guest perform her hot single, Don't Play With It.

GloRilla also took her tour to the bay where a fan in the hype nightclub assumed GloRilla was there to perform and once that did not seem like it was about to happen the angry fan threw a water bottle Glorilla's way. As reported prior GloRilla filled in the rest of the world about the incident the next day on social media. GloRilla claimed the promoter paid her $30,000 for a walkthrough. She did just that but fans lost their tempers not knowing the ends and outs.

On the heels of the water splash GloRilla was hit in the face by a flying jacket that came from the audience. GloRilla didn't let it slide at all. She stop the concert and checked the female responsible for throwing the jacket.

GloRilla closed out her Anyways, Life's Great Tour in Washington,DC on Saturday (February 25).

Photo: Getty Images

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