GloRilla Straightens Fan While On Stage

Glorilla gets feisty with fan while on stage in Denver.

While performing live in Denver, Colorado this week. Glorilla was connecting with the crowd feeling the love,when out of nowhere a jacket was thrown on stage. The clothing hit Glorilla in the face. Mid sentence Glorilla stops the flow of the show to turn and ask fans, "Who threw that?"

Footage has surfaced of Glorilla continuing to say, " Yout witht the braids? Look, little girl, don't throw sh@t else me. That hit me in my face."

Glow let the crowd know that the "little girl" ..."f--cked it up" changing Glorilla's mood. Big Glo shared she was going to jump in the crowd. The crowd was instantly upset with the jacket throwing attendee.

Last week while touring in California a fan throw water on Glorilla as she was walking through a club. Fans at the venue expected Glorilla to perform as the social media and flyer promoting the event advertised. Glorilla claimed that she was paid $30,000 for an appearance to walk through.

CMG Label boss, Yo Gotti backed Glorilla by posting on instagram insinuating the promoter was confused with who he booked.

Photo: GettyImages

Video: Rick Bottom YouTube

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