Rumored Gunna Is Plotting YSL Exit

This week on the Off the Record podcast host, Akademiks insinuated that Gunna has new music on the way, but waiting to see the outcome of Young Thug's trial. Gunna released all three of his albums under YSL; which is a subsidiary of 300 Entertainment. Whose parent company is Warner Music.

With relationships being up in the air between many of the YSL rappers it would be a little bazaar for YSL to be involved in Gunna's new project. Young Thug is still awaiting trial with charges that could put him behind bars for a lifetime.

Akademiks explained that possibly Gunna's contract could be renegotiated whether there is a buyout or he is going to go to Atlantic.

In December 2022, Gunna was released from the Fulton County Jail with one year time served on a five year sentence. He entered an Alford plea, meaning he plead guilty while at the same time maintaining his innocence as he explained. His remaining four years has reportedly been suspended. In other words Gunna will serve it in the form of 500 hours of Community service.

Gunna's lawyers have maintained that what was said at his Alford plea hearing was solely to resolve his own case. It cannot be used by the prosecution against Young Thug or any other defendants. Gunna is not the only YSL associate that took a plea deal. Six members in total have accepted agreements; Antonio "Obama" Sumlin, Slimelife Shawty, Lil Duke, Walter Murphy, and Quantavious Grier.

The YSL Rico case is still in the jury selection process. Trial is set to take as long as up to 1 year with all the twist and turns.

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Video: Yourplug YouTube

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