YSL Co-Defendant Seeks Mistrial ASAP

Jayden Myrick one of the 14 co-defendants' awaiting trial alongside YSL Co-founder Young Thug is seeking a mistrial. Jayden Murdock's lawyer argues that Murdock's Sixth Amendment rights have been violated.

There is a new plot twist in the YSL Rico case. I'm sure no surprise to fans and everyone that has been following the case since May of 2022. Young Thug and Gunna were arrested with 28 other people affiliated with the record label Young Stoner Life (YSL). Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis leads the mission mission in indicting the alleged gang on 56-count Rico charges.

The mistrial argument came into play once the video of Lil Woody; another one of the YSL affiliated rappers is caught on camera revealing sensitive information cooperating with the authorities surfaced on the internet over the weekend. Social media has been buzzing since the "snitching" video of Lil Woody is handy.


Allegedly discovery materials populated online despite the signed order that prohibited the sharing of any content. Currently Jayden Myrick is serving a life sentence for murder. He was convicted of killing a man leaving an Atlanta country club in 2018.

Presiding Judge Ural Glanville has not decided on the motion as of yet.

To stay up to date with the YSL Rico case check back in.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: 11Alive News YouTube

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