YSL Woody Snitched & Volunteers Caught On Camera

Video footage of YSL affiliate rapper Lil Woody has been leaked over the weekend. The YSL Rico case has a life of its own with many twist and turns. Recently Lil Woody's 3-hour-30 plus minute interrogation interview sparks an internet frenzy as he confirms as much information for detectives actively working on the YSL Rico case; specifically against Young Thug ( Jeffrey Williams).

In the lengthy video Woody confesses that there was a murder going to happen.The murder wa also set to go down the same night of him giving up all the goods. Woody alluded the murder plot was at the request of Young Thug towards YFN Lucci.

Lil Woody's doesn't seem to hold back on any secrets he tells detectives that he can prove everything he has told them. He also ask them about the information he has provided helping him out of his situation with law enforcement. The detectives advise Woody they could not make any promises but would let the District Attorney office know he is cooperating.

With Woody now cooperating with authorities many fans feel the cards are stacked too high against Young Thug. Social media has been buzzing about the tell all interrogation interview. A few twitter users breaking down lines from Lil Woody's interview. One Twitter user calling out "Lil Woody snitching on Young Thug and then the police snitch on Lil Woody for snitching."

Check out social media feedback to the Lil Woody snitching video.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Ceddy Nash YouTube

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