D.A Offers Young Thug's Co-Defendants Freedom For Snitching

Rodalius Ryan known as Lil Rod is one of Young Thug's co-defendants in the current RICO case in Atlanta. According to Rod's father District Attorney Fani Willis offered his son freedom in exchange for snitching on rapper Young Thug.

Lil Rod's father took to his instagram live to vent about D.A. Willis approaching his son. He claims that Willis visited the jaid where his son is being held and offered him his freedom. If Lil Rod agreed to say Thug gave him $10,000 she'll let him out of jail.

Co-defendant Rodalius a.k.a. Lil Rod was recently involved in the stabbing of another inmate at the Fulton County Jail. There were four other men named in the alleged attack, Damone Blalock Fleetwood, Demise McMullen and Christian Eppinger. The victim Demarcus Bessy 31 years old, survived the attack.

Ryan and Blaylock are currently serving life sentences.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: The News Spot On YouTube

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