3 YSL Co-Defendants Stab Another Inmate

Three of Young Thugs co-defendant are accused of stabbing another inmate in the Fulton County Jail. The three men listed in the incident are Christian Eppinger, Damone Blaylock and Rodalius Ryan.

Authorities have not released the motivation behind the stabbing. There are no details surrounding the incident such as date and time the attack accrued. Nor has any information been released on the condition of the victims. Sheriff Pat Labit is the person who identified the three men.

Rodalius Ryan's lawyer, Angela D'Williams claims her client is not involved in the stabbing. Last month D' Williams spoke on her clients behalf after he was punched and thrown out of a deputies vehicle. Deputy Morris Kandakai claims that Ryan spat in his face and would not comply with directions. D' Williams filed a formal complaint of excessive force being used.

As I've previously reported Mr. Ryan's lawyer, Angela D' Williams was concerned about her client having a possible concussion from the altercation. She also reported that the scuffle left injuries on Rodalius' legs.

Ryan and Blaylock are currently serving life-sentences for murder. Young Thug is still awaiting trial. Jury selection for his trial has been delayed.

Updates will continue to be provided here.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Witty Apparatus YouTube

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