Who Is Young Thug's Co-Defendant Fighting?

One of the 14-defendants in the YSL Rico case is claiming to have been assaulted by a courtroom deputy. Mr. Rodalius Ryan, (also known as Lil Rod) told his lawyer he was punched in the face as he was waiting to be transported from the jail to the courthouse. He his his head on the sidewalk as a result of the connecting.

Mr. Ryan's lawyer, Angela D' Williams was concerned about her client having a possible concussion from the altercation. She also reported that the scuffle left injuries on Rodalius' legs.

The deputy in question said Lil Rod as an ongoing issue. He asked the inmate to stop spitting in the car and that he would have to clean it up. Deputy Kandaki Morris, reported Lil Rod's response to his repeated directions to stop spitting was, " I'm not cleaning shit up, hitting him in the face with another spit bomb."

Deputy Morris continued his report with, he walked to the rear passenger side door, opened it and directed Ryan to exit the car. His order was ignored. Ryan followed with stiffening his body and laid flat on the backseat as he tried to remove him from the car. The deputy then grabbed Ryan by his feet and drug him out of the vehicle to the ground.

Ryan's lawyer claims her client was never given a chance to exit the vehicle on his own accord. She also accuses Deputy Morris of "agitating" her client.

Ryan's behavior in questioned rather he was right or wrong landed him with new charges. Misdemeanor assault and obstruction of police. Ryan is currently serving a life sentence for a 2019 murder and has been charged with one count conspiracy in the YS RICO case.

Updates will continue to be provided here.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Law & Crime Network YouTube

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