Boston Richey Responds To Being Called A "Snitch"

Boston Richey has broken his silence on being called a "snitch". Vlogger 1070 released a 50 plus minute interrogation interview this week. Trending in hot topics with over 200,000 views.

Fans are divided when it comes to calling Boston Richey a snitch. In the video you can hear Richey saying "that's him". The footage also shows Boston Richey being questioned and calling out names of suspects. Jake1090 didn't stop with just the leaked interrogation video, he also attached the transcript with key statements in focus.

Boston Richey took to instgram to clear his name and reached out to Akademiks to assist. On Instagram Boston wrote, "Nobody in that interview was an actual person...I clearly say he ant have nothing to do with sh$t." Boston continued with his instagram rant with directing his comments towards 1090 Jake.

"How y'all take advise from a white boy with tattoos that want to be black who speak on everybody case."

On the flip side Boston Richie just signed with Future's record label, Freebandz and was recently removed from the lineup for One Big Party Tour. Richey also addresses the reason why his was removed from the tour as well. Fans and the "internet" have been assuming the removing is due to the alleged snitching. Attempting to provide clarity Boston advised he was removed from the tour " for a different reason."

Check out Boston Richey's conversation with Akademiks below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: King Akademiks YouTube

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