Boston Richey: Paperwork In "Snitch?"

Jalen Foster, known in the Hip-Hop world as Boston Richey has been catching smoke from fans. Boston Richey has been in the game since around 2021 after the death of a cousin; he took his rap career more serious. As of late he has been the topic of conversation for supposedly being a snitch.

Vlogger 1090 Jake shared more paperwork that claims Richey snitched not once, but twice. The documents state Richey was involved in a stolen vehicle case with two other people in 2013. As reported in HipHopDx; Richey agreed to speak to speak with authorities. In his interview with the police he told them he was aware the car was stolen along with his other co-defendants. Boston agreeing that the car was stolen is what lead to him and others getting hit with Grand Theft Auto charges.

Tekashi 6ix9ine stepped in with comments after he got paperwork claiming Richey at age 19 cooperated with the police in a murder case. Allegedly he identified someone that threatened him during the investigation and that the altercation had nothing to do with the homicide that was being discussed. 6ix9ine is known for speaking out and blasting a situation.

Boston Richey's co-defendant, Koly in the Grand Theft Auto case supported Richey's claim in the Say Cheese! interview. Koly said there was a misrepresentation in their case, insinuating Richey never told on anyone. None the less 6ix9ine hit Twitter with his comments and Boston Richey fired back.

Check out the twitter war between the two artist below. It has not been confirmed that Boston Richey is out here run it in, but you know how it works with speaking "too much" with the police.


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Video: BigBenny TikTok

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