Young Thug Cleared On...

There was yet another delay in jury selection in the YSL RICO, Young Thug trial. Inside the courtroom co-defendant, Kahlief Adams stands up in the back of the courtroom walks to the front and approaches Mr. Williams, known to most as Young Thug. The video footage shows as Kahlief nears Young Thug he shakes his hand and turns to the door. Immediately at courtroom deputy in front of Thug to confiscate whatever was traded off. Young Thug complied with no trouble.

Later it was announced that once Mr. Adams met courtroom deputies with resistance. He swallowed additional contraband he brought into the courtroom with him. He was rushed to the hospital where examiners confirmed drugs were found.

Mr. Williams had nothing to do with co-defendant perusing him as he went to the restroom. Young Thug's lawyer stressed that he did not know it was a Percocet. Thug turned the item that was placed in his hand over to the courtroom deputy.

Check out courtroom footage below. As the trial continues to develop updates will posted.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: 11Alive YouTube Akademiks Instagram

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