2nd Victim In Takeoff Shooting Speaks Out

The woman injured in the Takeoff fatal shooting in Houston, Texas spoke on the incident for the first time. Syndey Leday gave an exclusive interview with KHOU.

The 24 year old was excited to out on her birthday weekend of the tragic event last year. She was happy to be celebrating Halloween and dressing up in costumes with friends. Syndey was shot in the head while trying to run away from drama. Syndey expressed that she is still recovering emotionally. She recounted the events by starting out saying she didn't think nothing of Quavo and Takeoff being at the party.

Fighting tears she said, I have feelings of being grateful I'm still here." She remembered talking to her mother the entire time of being shot in the head and making it to the hospital. During all of this Syndey had a seizure. "Everybody was around me; when I first woke up, I didn't want to be there", she kept telling her mom. She just wanted to go home. Being unfamiliar with long hospital stays Syndey just wanted out.

Syndey recalled being feeling a "the sting" in the back of her head once shots rung out. She describes the tragedy as being in a "scary movie". "I had blood all over me... it was still my birthday weekend." She remembered the person she was with that took her to the hospital.

Syndey shared that towards the end of the party she thought friendly banter was going between a Quavo and another. "I thought they were playing, while shooting dice." She realized that she may have confused friendly banter with an argument. " Quavo was upset.. and finna leave . The party wasn't gonna keep going on, and I saw whenever everything broke out and tried to run, but didn't make it far. She heard the shooting until she got down the escalator and all the way into the car.

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Syndey spent a week in the hospital due to her injuries. She opened up about suffering from panic attacks and struggled with mental health.

"I feel like that part was worse than the actual part of being shot in the head. " She didn't know other people were shot in the gun fire. She was sad "it ended up like that," she said. "But I mean, we were all in the same situation. The place That it hit in my head, I just feel like it was a miracle."

Ledey is still recovering physically and emotionally. Ledey's mother and lawyer have expressed more should have been done that night.

Patrick Clark, 33-years-old was charged with the fatal shooting that took rapper Takeoff's life in November 2022.

As the trial develops all updates will be provided. RIP Takeoff

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