Takeoff's Alleged Killer Claims "Self-Defense

In court on Wednesday Patrick Clark the alleged killer of Takeoff claimed self-defense. Though he was caught attempting to flea the country with fake plane tickets. His attorneys stated they are building a, "valid and maritorious" case.

Along with the "self-defense" argument attorney, Letitia Quinones asked for bail reduction from $200 million to $100,000. Judge Josh Hill was hesitant to grant a lower bond being Mr. Clark's google searches on plane tickets. Clark also was searching on google if he had been named as a suspect.

Investigator Burrow, added that, " it was his belief he was preparing to flea. The judge eventually lowered the bond to $100 million.

Clark's attorney's claim that, their client did not open fire until he was shot at first. In November outside id a bowling alley is where the incident occurred after a J. Prince party in Houston, Texas.

There was a dice game in play with big money down. The players including Quavo exchanged heated words and shortly after a fistfight broke out and shots fired. As I have reported prior Takeoff was seen in several videos standing to the side not involved in the dice game.

There has been no date set when trial will begin. Updates will be provided here as the murder trail of Takeoff is underway.

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