Gunna File 3rd Bond Motion

Gunna's legal team explains, " there is no evidence" to support holding him. Gunna has been detained since May, in connection with the YSL Rico indictment. Gunna's lawyers are saying the Georgia prosecutors have failed to provide evidence.

“The State has presented no evidence to support its claims of dangerousness and has dismissed the only serious overt act that was present when the first bond hearing was held,” Gunna’s legal team has argued in their call for a new bond hearing.

“Sergio Kitchens (Gunna) is very hopeful that the Court will now recognize that the discovery provided by the prosecution fails to show his pretrial release poses a significant risk of danger to any person or the community or poses a significant threat to witnesses, and accordingly grants a reasonable bond,” Steven Sadow, Gunna’s co-lead counsel, told Complex on Wednesday.

As I have previously reported Gunna is awaiting trial that is set for January 2023. The indictment also accuses the rap-star of possessing methamphetamine, hydrocodone, marijuana in 2017 and includes charges from 2013 and 2015. The indictment against the rap-star accuses him of possessing methamphetamines, hydrocodone, marijuana in 2017 and includes charges from 2013 and 2015.

Gunna not too long ago wrote an open letter to the public giving us a wellness check- in and the status of his situation.

Updates will be provided as they are developed.

Photos: Getty Images

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