Gunna's Massive Weight Loss and Open Letter Has YSL Fans Concerned

Rapper Gunna, who is signed to YSL Records is incarcerated on RICO Charges. The indictment also accuses the rap-star of possessing methamphetamine, hydrocodone, marijuana in 2017 and includes charges from 2013 and 2015. Gunna spent his 29th birthday in jail on Tuesday and released an open letter speaking on the conditions of his current situation. Gunna is awaiting a January 2023 trial date. Fulton County Georgia indictment was in May; in which Gunna has been detained since.

In recent pictures it has been noticed that Gunna looks very thin compared to a month ago. Many of his fans have left comments noticing the weight loss in his face. Gunna, whos real name is Sergio Kitchens started a weight loss journey before all of his criminal drama hit the fan in May. By changing up his eating habits and incorporating work outs. His open letter this week Gunna explains that he sits and do nothing all day. Describing his cell as empty; just 4 walls, no windows and he is still praying.

Gunna goes on to say in his open letter that he had, " The World Pushing P" at the highest point in his career. He thanks his fans and begs the world to protect black art! He is not the picture that the state of Georgia is painting of him.

Photo: Getty Images

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