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Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Sandra Douglass Morgan As Team President

Photo: Getty Images

Yesssssss Huntyyyy!!! If you are asking why the name Sandra Douglass Morgan is trending? It is not for nothing, Morgan has just made history as the first black female NFL team President after being hired by the Las Vegas Raiders.

Atlanta Rapper Gunna - Denied Bond Yet Again!

[Must Watch] From Jay-Z to Saweetie and more. Checkout the hilarious new season trailer of Kevin Harts' 'Hart To Hart.' Did Kevin Hart actually ask Saweetie about her bowel movement??? lol

[GOOD NEWS] How This 16-Year-old managed to help save the lives of 3 people...

Word is 16-year-old Corion Evans from Mississippi was spending time with loved ones during the 4th of July weekend, things were going fine until, authorities say Evans, saw a vehicle carrying 3 girls drove into the water. According to reports Evans took off his clothes and cellphone and just dove into the water. Evans expressed what was going through his mind at the time;

“I was just like, ‘I can’t let none of these folks die. They need to get out the water,’” he recounted to news outlet WLOX. “So, I just started getting them. I wasn’t even thinking about nothing else. I was behind them trying to keep them above water and swim with them at the same time."

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