Which Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial: Top 3

For most watching the Super Bowl commercials and half-time show are the two main reasons to watch the game if of course you don't have interest in any of the two teams playing. For the most part, nearly everyone at least sticks around for the half-time show and or commercials. This time around due to the pandemic some big corporations and companies decided to invest less into commercials and giveback to those who have been greatly effected by the pandemic. Burger King and Sketchers are among companies who opted out, but a wopping $5 million dollars is what some paid to proceed in placing there ads during the 'Big Game.' From Drake, Michael B. Jordan, Will Ferrel, Tracy Morgan and more, check out below some of the most talked about ads.

Let's first watch DRAKE and the new state farm guy....

Stichiz Pick- from the voice over talent, to the lines, and cuts in the commercial this was done well.

Doritos usually comes through- this time with Matthew McConaughey in a flat form. lol

Last but not least voted Sexiest Man Alive- actor M.B.J.

Did you have a favorite???