Former Miami Dolphins Player Released From Texans

Ride or die Stills fans are still on board with NFL Wide Receiver Kenny Stills wether he is with the Miami Dolphins, Texans or any other team. Reports recently came out that the now former Houston Texans #12 wide receiver, has been released from the Texans in what is being called a "Mutual Parting." He even posted confirming the talks- thanking his former team and Texas for welcoming him.

Earlier this year Stills who fans know has a passion for giving back to his community, was vocal about his stance on the Breonna Taylor case. Marching with friends and community members in Louisville. Even while playing in Miami for the Dolphins Stills showed his support when kneeling before games. In 2015 he played for the Dolphins in his first year he finished with "27 receptions for 440 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns." In 2019 he was traded to Texans. Now fans are still staying still with Stills, supporting his move and ready to see what's next in store for him. Some fans even hope that he will go back to his first team - New Orleans Saints.