YESSSSS.... Shes Engaged

Now this is just too cute. Singer-songwriter, actress and dare we say now the soon to be Mrs. Black. Congrats are in order for our beloved Amber Riley, who recently shared with her 1.2 million fans that she just got engaged. You can truly see the happiness in her face in the picture she posted. Now fiancee Mr. Black popped the question and according to his post stated quote "Now, when she delivers unconditional love that you’ve never experienced, it’s another clear indication that you’ve found the one. Only a fool would let someone as special as this slip away. So I did what any wise man would do and put a ring 💍 on it. I love you to pieces @msamberpriley, or should I say the future Mrs. Black 😍."

Congrats to the two. Amber also recently dropped her new project and fans are loving it.