Cheating??? Not Today... How Quavo Got This Guy To Tell The Truth

Just when you thought - your prank would go over well. Yikes... Not so much for this one. Well before getting to the story, we have to first trace back to the Verzuz Challenge season 2 kick off with Jeezy and Gucci, why is this important??? This is where the seed was first planted. Apparently a comedian thought it would be funny to pretty much suggest that Migos member Quavo was cheating on now girlfriend Saweetie with Lil Wayne's daughter. Yep!!!

Even both Quavo and Saweetie chimed in on twitter.

Word is, the fella who decided to spread the rumor, says that he was just joking and his whole life is based on trolling celebs. After Quavo reportedly pulled up in his DMs- sounds like he thought it necessary to clear the air.

What Do You Think- Funny Prank or Nah!?!?