A Pretty "Good" Challenge- How People Are Challenging For Good

A little bit of good news floating around social media today. As we are reaching into the holiday season many have been doing there best to think about the positives - thinking on good things. However from racial tensions, to elections and of course the on going pandemic (Coronavirus) and even having to quarantine for a period of time, understandably it has not been that easy, for some to say the least. So from time to time it's nice to see challenges like this start to go viral. Many are coming together to shed light on gratefulness- One particular page #CreatingMyYes on instagram is charging people to do the following;

  • "For the next 30 Days, let’s lift up our voices and give “thanks” for the simple things
  • we take advantage of each day. Follow us for the next 30 days and tag us as you post what you are thankful for.
  • Also, invite a friend to join us on this “Thanksgiving” journey.
  • See you at the finish line with a new attitude and a heart filled with gratitude.#creatingmyyesinc "

Will you try this challenge????