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Voting Tuesday??? Here Are The 6 Florida Amendments You Will Be Voting On

It is safe to say that nearly everyone around the world maybe aware that tomorrow (Tuesday) is indeed the 'Last Call To Vote' ELECTION DAY! Some like those in Florida, have already taken advantage and voted early. However there are a few things on the ballot that you should know about, 'The Amendments.' Florida voters will decide on 6 state constitutional amendments this year, which are the following; 

Florida Amendment 1

Title: Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections

Florida Amendment 2

Title: Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

Florida Amendment 3

Title: All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet

Florida Amendment 4

Title:Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments

Florida Amendment 5

Title:Limitation on Homestead Assessments

Florida Amendment 6

Title:Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities

Studies have shown in the past that voters were often confused by some of the language of the amendments. For instance some amendments may be written in a way where voters think they are opposing something if they vote no, when in fact a "No" might actually mean the opposite. Thankfully various organizations have dedicated time to help voters better understand what they are voting on. One of those non-partisan organizations is the well-known League of Women Voters Of Broward County and the NAACP Miami Dade Youth Council and NAACP Florida State Conference. We also teamed up with Florida Voter Mobilization Project and various students to put together a run down of what the Amendments are about.

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