How 'The Little Lighthouse Foundation' Is Making The World Feel Good

In a time when things happening around the world can put many of us in a down in the dumps state, the necessity to feel good in a good and healthy way. Thankfully groups like Little Lighthouse are doing just that, making people feel good with their new program.

Tune into Do Good Feel Good (“DGFG”) Live on Instagram Live Monday - Thursday at 3 PM for a taste of LLF’s programs from home! You can see some of the children and facilities we work with in our Digital Magazine.  To learn more about LLF’s current programming and volunteer opportunities click here.

What Is LL FOUNDATION All About?

LLF and its volunteers continue to create programs benefiting underserved children and their families across South Florida. The goal being the creation of an ideal assistance mechanism for the Good Samaritans of our community to find opportunities to give back. The Little Lighthouse Foundation provides a diverse list of volunteer opportunities, along with a friendly voice to help in the selection, and the all-important Chapter Leader to make the assimilation into volunteering as easy as possible.

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