RECALL: Six Smart Care Kids Hand Sanitizers

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As the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States and other countries, hand sanitizer is still one of the most sought after items. However officials have recently sent out warnings about certain kids hand sanitizers that have been recalled from the brand 'smart care. According to the Herald;

"The FDA claimed no problem with the actual hand sanitizer. It’s the combination of the pouches, kids likely being given the hand sanitizer as they head back to schools and children’s carelessness or curiosity, despite the packaging warning, Do Not Eat.

The FDA said, “Hand sanitizer products packaged in containers resembling food pouches commonly used for children’s applesauce and other pureed foods that present increased risk of accidental ingestion by children. An Ashtel spokesman told the Herald that the company took all of these products off the shelves in August when a parent brought up the potential problem. The FDA didn’t indicate that in its product status notation after adding the Smart Care sanitizers to the Do Not Use list on Sept. 24.”

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