Good News: Why This Pregnant Waitress Is Going Viral

Just when you thought someone wouldn't or couldn't.... Someone does, in this case one did and many followed. Social media is showing love not only to this waitress near Atlanta, Georgia but also Bishop Phelps who brought attention to her. According to Bishop Phelps when going to a Waffle place he remembered the kindness and joy Hannah Hill a young woman and currently pregnant waitress. Bishop Phelps says that he was moved to give Hannah all of the money he had left on him after hearing her story and finding out that her son's name Samuel was the name of his late son who passed away.

It does not stop there Bishop Phelps reached out and together with his church and with the help of others they were able to raise $12,000 for Hannah and her kids. The church also agreed to pay for her daycare for the remainder of the year.