Atlanta Mayor Mandates Masks

Atlanta Mayor Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms talks about contracting Covid-19 and the need for signing the order mandating faces masks. Mayor Bottoms mentioned within an interview with the the following;

"What we've heard repeatedly is wearing a mask is one of the best ways that we can slow the spread of COVID, and so it's been well-received by businesses as well, and I think it gives an opportunity for everyone to do their part," Bottoms said. "It's simply to protect yourselves and protect other people around you ... it's extremely important and the most unselfish thing you can do, and it has been very well-received because our hospitals are being overrun now." 

The mayor said that many city hospitals are being stretched thin.

"We're reaching capacity, ICU capacity in many of our hospitals. Grady Hospital has seen more COVID patients than they even saw in April," she said. "So this is a very challenging time for our healthcare professionals and (the mask mandate) been very well-received by them especially."