Flight To Nowhere????

If you read the headline of this article, then you might be wondering, wait what a flight to nowhere is "nowhere" a place???

Welp, for those who seem to be getting cabin fever after having to stay home and or indoors all day, and or maybe missing boarding a flight and actually flying somewhere- there maybe a way out.

According to reports, "A group of eager competition winners turned up at Taipei’s Songshan Airport on Thursday to take a flight to nowhere, navigating check in, passport control and security before boarding a plane that never left the runway. For many of Taiwan’s citizens, the half-day experiences offer a chance to relive the excitement of departing for a holiday abroad, but for the people who run Songshan Airport, it has been an opportunity to boost the prestige of the country’s third busiest air hub." -telegraph.co.uk

Would you take a flight to nowhere during this time???