President Trump: Executive Order On Police Reform

As protest continue to happen throughout the world, within some states a call for defunding the police has come up. Though the city council approved a city budget, "in Salt Lake City, an army of public commenters have demanded the police department be slashed by $30 million"-

Also, in Minneapolis, The City Council "unanimously passed a resolution intending to disband their police department and create a new model of public safety in response to the death of George Floyd."-

While some maybe advocating for defunding the police and allocating funds to other sectors like community programs and public mental health services to name a few, others are against defunding or dismantling the police department.

President Trump recently held a press conference outlining his executive order on police reform and expressing his support for the police. Within his remarks President Trump also mentioned police departments to adopt bans on chokeholds, however with an exception when the officer's life is at risk.