Restaurant Receives Widely Unexpected Tip From Customer

Though during hard times, some may see the worst in people, the truth is there is a whole lot of goodness and acts of kindness should be talked about more. This week Skillet Restaurant owner and his 20 staff members experienced that kindness during the effects of the Coronavirus.

According to

"Ross Edlund thinks the customer's name might be Bill or Bob. 

Edlund, who owns the Naples-based Skillets restaurant chain, knows the man likes to eat on the patio with his laptop on weekdays when the weather is nice. On weekends he brings his family for brunch. 

Last week, a day before Gov. Ron DeSantis forced dining rooms statewide to close, the mystery Skillets regular handed a stack of cash to the manager at the store in The Pavilion on Vanderbilt Beach Road: $10,000 in cash, to be exact." 

The $10k was split between the 20 staff members leaving each with a hefty $500!