Comcast is Giving What Now???

Comcast - Xfinity customers might be happy about this, well at least from now until May 13th, 2020.

According to - A letter to one Xfinity Unlimited internet customers says:

I’m writing to share thatyou will receive a creditfor the cost associated with unlimited Internet data between March 13 and May 13. We are giving all Xfinity Internet customers unlimited Internet data at no additional cost during this period, in response to the novel coronavirus crisis.
As more and more customers are relying on home Internet for work, school and critical connections to the outside world, we want customers to be able to access what they need during this time, without having to worry about incurring additional charges.
As an Unlimited plan customer,you will receive a $100 credit (two months of your $50 charge) for this period.
You will not need to do anything to receive this credit.It will automatically be applied to your monthly balance and appear as UNLIMITED DATA CREDIT on your April bill. If you would like to view your bills online, you can access them via My Account, where you can also find our digital support tools.

Some have expressed that it may not be all customers that will receive the same credit it could all depend on each persons current plan.