Family Seeks Justice After Sad Death Of Army Veteran And His Missing Organs

Throughout the years, many have spoken out about the shocking findings showing that there are mobs of people and or groups- who's sole purpose and job is to retrieve organs from people. Many also believe this to be an organised crime- targeting black and brown men and women. Which is why for some regarding the recent allegations reported by the family of the now deceased US Army Veteran Everett Palmer-doesn't seem so far fetched.

According to

"Everett Palmer Jr. was supposed to make a stop in Pennsylvania on his way from Delaware to New York to clear up an outstanding DUI warrant. Days later, the sick mother he was going to visit, and the brother he called before embarking on his trip, still hadn’t seen him. They were told that Palmer died in police custody. However there more- the family also says when they received Palmer's body, some of his organs were missing- including his brain, heart and throat."

Though York County’s coroner’s office state that they were in communication with the family and their lawyers, according to York County Coroner Pam Gay expressed she understands the need for answers- "The truth will come out.” However the family are still seeking justice.