Curfew Now Being Enforced By Miami-Dade

As nearly all schools are now on summer vacation- officials are ready to enforce some rules in certain counties. Miami Dade police recently issued statements notifying the community and media of the curfew that will be enforced for under-aged teens in the county.

According to Miami-Dade Police Det. Argemis Colome stated; "during the summer, the kids are out so we have unfortunately the burglaries that occur during the night, the vehicle burglaries, a lot of crime that is committed by juveniles and that's what we're trying to deter." As of now teens who are under the age of 17-years-old will not be permitted out without a parent or legal guardian past 11pm-6am Sunday-Thursday- however on the weekends 12am-6am. If seen out past the curfew time, teens will be taken into custody and parents could be fined $500 after the 3rd offense. However there are exceptions to the rule, if students are coming from work- they will not be penalized.