Spring Break Rules To Know In Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach

While some students are anxiously waiting for a break from school work, others are gearing up for Spring Break today. However, as students are getting ready to party on Miami Beach and even Fort Lauderdale Beach law enforcement is also getting ready cracking down on illegal activity. Which leads to the question of... What exactly would be illegal activity if your just going to the beach!?!? Welp according to a Sun-Sentinel article, the following have been banned from the beach;

  • Drinking alcohol on the sand, which means that people can’t bring beer bottles or plastic cups filled with liquor. Restaurants and bars would be your resort.
  • Coolers are also banned in March during spring break in Miami Beach. And beginning March 5, the same goes for Fort Lauderdale, which will also prohibit inflatable devices, tents and tables on the beach during spring break.