Authors Impact: How NFL Player Kayvon Webster Is Helping To Change Lives

authors impact kayvon

authors impact kayvon

From growing up in Miami, Florida to traveling the states and seeing his dreams come to life, NFL player Kayvon Webster sits with Stichiz and talks about his love for the sport (football) since he was a child, a phone call that changed his life, and winning a Super Bowl with his team. Find out how what some thought would be Kayvon's down fall actually turned out to be a blessing that birthed something that not even he would have ever imagined.

#MakingADifference through literacy!

Kayvon Sits With Stichiz Authors Impact
kayvon webster

kayvon webster

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#QuickRead with STICHIZ & Dj KWeb

Listen and find out which page out of Kayvon's own children's book is one of his favorites....

Quick Read WITH stichiz and Kayvon

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