NBA Heavy Weights Came To Student Maori Davenport Defense

Well from NBA superstars like Chris Paul and so many more, have come to the defense of an all-star female high school athlete. Reports have been made that Maori Davenport one of the most sought after female athletes was suspended from playing in her senior year of high school. Davenport says that she was given a stipend of $857.20, she says that her and her parents checked with her school and coach- who confirmed that the check was in fact for her. However the Athletic Association in Alabama says that they did infact make the mistake but they still stand by their decision. Davenport and her mother says that they even paid the money back in full once they were told a mistake was made. 

The good news is, as of late the courts ruled in favor of Davenport and she is now allowed to play during her last year in school.