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Florida Election Results

As many Floridians took showed their support for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, and took to the polls not just on Election Day but for Early Voting, it was simply not enough to take home the win on November 6th, 2018. 

However there were a few other hot bottom topics on the ballot- here are your election results. 

Amendment 4 Restore Voting Rights for Felons

Voting rights would be restored for most convicted felons upon completion of their sentences, including prison terms, parole and probation. Those convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense would not be eligible.

Yes 5,109,89364.5   No 2,813,61235.5

7,923,505 votes, 99% reporting (6,106 of 6,111 precincts)

Amendment 9 Ban Drilling and Vaping

.Yes 5,374,51668.8 No 2,431,84831.2

Amendment 6 Crime Victims' Rights, Judges' Retirement Age

.Yes 4,805,53061.6 No 2,993,10338.4

Amendment 1 Increase Homestead Exemption

.No 3,270,33041.9 Yes 4,531,96358.1

Amendment 3 Voter Control of Gambling

Yes 5,638,08071.5 No 2,251,59128.5

7,889,671 votes, 99% reporting (6,106 of 6,111 precincts)

Amendment 5 Supermajority for Tax Increases

A two-thirds vote in each chamber of the Florida State Legislature would be required to impose new taxes or fees or to increase existing taxes.

Yes 5,132,31965.8 No 2,673,26734.2

7,805,586 votes, 99% reporting (6,106 of 6,111 precincts)Amendment 7 Survivor Benefits and Requiring Votes on Higher Education Fees

Yes 5,115,21565.8 No 2,662,94934.2

Amendment 10 State and Local Government Structure

Yes 4,818,91163.2 No 2,806,94136.8

Amendment 11 Property Rights and Criminal Statute

Yes 4,628,63761.7 No 2,872,94438.3

Amendment 12 Prohibit Lobbying and Abuse of Office

Yes 6,075,95378.9 No 1,622,87621.1

Amendment 13 End Dog Racing

.Yes 5,367,47969.0 No 2,411,33431.0

7,778,813 votes, 99% reporting (6,106 of 6,111 precincts)

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