Why Miami Dade Beaches Are Closed

For a few months many have been vocal about the state of some beaches through out the state of Florida. Some groups have even cautioned that Florida's water life would soon be in danger. Unfortunately today those who have been vocal about it, maybe proven to be true. Early this morning (Thursday, October 4th, 2018) officials say that certain Miami Dade beaches must be closed for more testing of the water. According to the Miami Herald; 

"Miami-Dade closed beaches north of the Haulover inlet after lab tests confirmed the presence of red tide in ocean waters as the toxic algae traveled from Gulf waters to the Atlantic, spreading an environmental and tourism crisis to more of Florida."

Though red tides ( A red tide is one type of harmful algal bloom) are not common in Florida, officials took action earlier this week after "beachgoers complained of symptoms linked to the toxic algae." Some beaches were so bad that residents reported seeing dead fish washing ashore. 

Beaches closed;

  • Miami-Dade closed beaches north of the Haulover inlet
  • Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park will be closed today “due to red tide.” The park is at 6415 N. Ocean Boulevard and stretches for several blocks along the ocean
  • Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties

Should we be concerned about 'red tides'