Cartoonist Gets Backlash of Serena Williams Pic

Welp, if you missed this match last Saturday then you might be in a small group. Nearly everyone in America was waiting to see the match between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Even those of Haitian and Japanese decent were watching attentively to see what the outcome would be. Largely impart because Naomi is both Haitian and Japanese. Though the 20-year-old took home the trophy and took home a check for a woomping 3.8 million dollars. Yep that is not too bad- it was a bitter sweet win as controversy continues to swarm around Serena and the Ref during the match. However another controversy is swimming around. Social media went in after a cartoonist drew an image of the Tennis player getting upset during the match.  

Tell us what you think is this picture out of order or nah?